New flyers and big bottles

Our brand new flyers and re-designed business cards have arrived from print. Thats exciting for us, but probably not that thrilling for yourselves.

However the arrival of our 3L bottles of imported vodka is far more interesting. We believe in providing high quality products to our clients, our ongoing business importing alcohol allows us the freedom to control our own stock and deliver on this mission. We work at bringing you new exciting wines and spirits, rather than a bog standard bottle you can purchase at the supermarkets.

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Good afternoon Curt, Firstly thank you and your team for Saturday night, everything went brilliantly and we really appreciate your assistance in that. All of your team were so friendly and efficient a

Venues large and small

Because our bars are modular we are able to adapt them to fit different venues. One of our bars out tonight has utilised the serving hatch area at the hall and we can still use all our fridges and bac